1965 Chevrolet C10 - Boosted Bertha
Trucks and SUVs

Chevy C10 AKA “Boosted Bertha” Is One Bad Lady

Mike Losh’s gorgeous custom ’65 C10 The Chevrolet C/10 pickup is definitely one of the most modded pickups out there today. They are plentiful, moderately priced, and just ...
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1960 DiDia 150 most expensive custom car

1960 DiDia 150 – The Story Of The Tailor That Built The Most Expensive Custom Car

The DiDia 150 is an exotic custom-bodied, bubble-topped, tail-finned, aluminum-bodied, aluminum-chassised, diamond-painted, big-block-powered metallic red dreamboat. It’s a vehicle that is over-done in every detail and in every ...
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Zero Type 5 bike

Zero Type 5 – Lovingly Crafted One-Off Bike

It’s called the Zero Type 5. Classic design. Modern engineering. Shinya Kimura is something of a legend in custom motorcycle circles, he founded Zero Engineering in 1992 in ...
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1968 Chevelle pro-touring Blue Eyed Devil

1968 Chevelle ‘Blue Eyed Devil’, Luxury and Pure Muscle Meet

Sometimes when you least expect it, an opportunity suddenly appears. That was the case in for Phoenix residents Steve Edling and his wife Karlene and their ’68 Chevrolet ...
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