GMC-based road boat
Everything Goes

Fish Out of Water: The Ultimate Road Legal Streetworthy Boat Car

Atlanta native Mark Ray designed and built his dream motor after his wife Robyn bet him that he could not do it. Robyn, his wife, had been diagnosed ...
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Don Baskins Chevrolet Collection

Chevy Fanatic – Meet Don Baskin and His Incredible Chevrolet Collection

Meet Don Baskin, aka, “Chevrolet Fanatic.” Don grew up a car guy through and through. By 14-years-old, he was building his own car, and by 16 he was ...
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1986 Toyota pickup named Goldy Lox
Trucks and SUVs

Goldy Lox – From Farm Truck to True Gold

From the true creativity and innovation the minitruckin’ scene has brought to the industry throughout the past few decades to the significant family-style bond that comes from being ...
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Fat Fendered 1942 Ford Mild Kustom

Fat Fendered 42 Ford Mild Kustom

Every once in a while at one of the many car shows we attend each year we run across a car that really catches our attention. At the ...
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