Mini Cat dozer
Everything Goes

Insane Homemade Mini Cat Dozer!

If you are a fan of heavy machinery and DIY projects, you might be interested in this amazing mini dozer and the man who built this mini dozer ...
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1955 Ford Thunderbird

The Birth of the Ford Thunderbird

The Ford Thunderbird came about after two men, Louis D. Crusoe and George Walker, and their love for automobiles, had a vision. rusoe was a millionaire and was ...
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1928 Ford Hot Rod Rat Rod
Trucks and SUVs

This 1928 Ford Hot Rod/Rat Rod With Chevy Stuff Is Creatively Cool!

What a creative mind this dude has for restoring a 1928 Ford Model A into a hot rod/rat rod dually truck that’s super cool and badass by the ...
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1956 Chevrolet 150 restomod

Gorgeous 2-Door One Fifty Fifty-Six

The 1956 Chevrolet 150 is a classic car that has a lot of history and charm. It was the base model of the Chevrolet line-up, but it still ...
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