An Aircraft Designer Built This Sweet Sidecar for His Dog

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Ural sidecars look like something straight out of the past.

They’re a little slice of yesteryear, but one man in Australia gave his Ural motorcycle a very modern makeover. He didn’t trick it out for speed. Instead, he made it the perfect ride by modifying the sidecar to hold his dog and his surfboard.

Ural sidecar front left
Queensland, Australia, native Peter Adams started off building boats and eventually moved onto aircraft. This kind of stuff is in his blood, so modifying a sidecar was the perfect challenge for Adams.

Ural sidecar rear left
He increased the sidecar’s track by 4 inches to create enough clearance for the surfboard and add stability.

The rack mounts, leftover from an airplane project, are cold-drawn 4130 Chromoly steel and the removable racks are stainless steel to resist corrosion. The planked Beachwood is another airplane leftover.

Queensland man built a sidecar for his dog
The sump capacity has been increased to keep things cooler through hot summers. There are also compact LED blinkers, bar end mirrors, and a mount for a Garmin GPS.

Aussie man built a sidecar for his dog
It’s nothing flashy, but it’s a unique and classy build that makes sure man’s best friend and this man’s favorite hobby are along for the ride.

An aircraft designer built sidecar for his dog

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