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Wouldn’t it be nice if when you paid your $2.00 at the parking meter, you actually got so This electric car is quite normal and popular in Europe for years.”

I was taken by surprise, and had to go look up the Car2go company as I saw on this logo, and came to realize that these had been around since 2008! They’re spreading around with a great little app that tells you where to pick up a car. You can rent them by the minute to get you around from place to place. It’s a great concept, and it seems that noone wants to miss the boat on this, so more and more mainstream rental car companies are jumping on board!

The new sector’s growth is being propelled by a number of factors, including urbanisation, the need to address problems like congestion and pollution, a big drop in car sales to young people, and, of course, the availability of technologies that enable more flexible approaches.

For more than eight years Car2go drives through the cities and brings many users from A to B every day. At this several numbers have been grown, for instance the number of users, the surface of operating area or the length of the travelled distance with car2gos.

Drivers simply hold their car2go member card to the windscreen to gain entry to the vehicle. The keys will be waiting inside so they can get going straight away. When they’re done with the vehicle, they end the session the same way they started it. The car doesn’t have to be used for a minimum or predetermined amount of time.

So yes, it’s exciting.   And I would expect to see solar charging stations rearing their heads before long to keep the charging costs to a minimum and because of the great PR that comes with being green today.  What a terrific way to avoid costs in a world with grand population!  Many of us have come to look at our cars as our home away from home where we keep all our junk.  And carrying it around from car to car doesn’t seem to make sense.  But for those who are in cities who take subways to work or cycle, this is a great way to go “grab a car” when you need to!

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