Top Gears scariest moments - Survival Challenge in Alabama
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Rednecks Attack – Top Gear’s Scariest Moments

“Survival Challenge in Alabama” – this is the scariest challenge that guys from Top Gear ever faced in the history of the show. As we all know by ...
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1975 Honda Gold Wing

Ode To The Queen: Looking Back On The GL1000’s First Appearance

The famous flat-four cylinder, 999cc GL1000 Gold Wing was released at the Cologne Motorcycle Show in October 1974 and was a hit. I was still in mechanic’s school ...
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Colin Furze with bicycle made of springs
Everything Goes

Colin Furze Builds a Bicycle Frame Out of Metal Springs

What happens when bike tubes are replaced with suspension springs? British backyard creator Colin Furze investigates. Colin Furze is known for wacky inventions on his YouTube channel, and ...
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quad-turbo 2JZ Silvia by Caroline Racing

Ridiculous Quad-Turbo 2JZ S14 Nissan Silvia! The Definition Of Overkill

Are you ready for insanity? Watch this backyard inventor show off his bizarre quad-turbo 2JZ drift car. This car is not just a myth, it’s an amazing concept. ...
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