Mike Charlton riding Drag Bike with blown V8 Chevy engine

Insane Drag Bike with a Side Mounted Small Block Chevy Engine on a Chopper Motorcycle Frame

Homebuilt, blown V8, alcohol-burning small block V8 Drag Bike? The key word is insane. That is just what this bike is; insanity at its best. Mike Charlton has ...
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1950 Chevy mud truck Sick 50 that’s making 1300 HP
Trucks and SUVs

Classic 1950 Chevy Pickup Transformed Into a 1,300 HP Off-Road Mud Bogging Machine

This 1950 Chevy Stepside pickup aka “Sick 50” is an incredible mega mud truck fitted with a 1,300 horsepower blown alcohol injected 540 big block engine. This is ...
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1971 LS5 C3 Corvette Stingray

All-World C3: 1971 LS5 Vette Stingray

The love for “America’s Only True Sports Car” isn’t confined to the U.S.A. Case in point: This ’71 Stingray, which now cruises the roads of New South Wales, ...
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1948 Gatso 4000 Aero Coupé

1948 Gatso, Unusual 3-Headlight Dutch Sports Car

While the name Gatso today inspires a mixture of fear and anger in the minds of most modern motorists, in days gone by the same name may well ...
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