1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

1957 Chevy, One of the Most Collected Cars in GM History

The 1950s were a great time for America. We were just coming off our Allied victory in World War 2. We had an economic boom stemming from our ...
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Steve McQueens 1934 Indian Sport Scout

Steve McQueen’s 1934 Indian Sport Scout

Even forty years after his death, Steve McQueen remains a cultural icon. We all love Steve McQueen; for different reasons, I know, but it’s a given. This is ...
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1954 Chevrolet COE Tourliner
Trucks and SUVs

1954 Chevrolet COE “Tourliner” – Ultimate Hotrodder’s Motorhome

You’ve always wanted a vintage camper with all the modern amenities in it? So do Russ Moen from Vancouver, British Columbia. Did you know that American business magnate, ...
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630hp V8 powered skateboard
Everything Goes

Stuffing Big Engines into Little Things

I don’t know what the sudden urge is, but here are two items that really don’t need any more power than they’re designed for but someone has decided ...
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