Don Baskins 1966 Chevy Nova SS

Don Baskin’s 1966 Chevy II SS

Don Baskin own one of the largest and most valuable collection of rare Chevys, especially COPO stuff (and not just Camaros). While his collection is focuses primarily on ...
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Armed Reliant Rugged Robin
Everything Goes

Meet Armed Reliant “Rugged” Robin Three-Wheeler with Caterpillar Tracks

This Reliant Robin armed with Browning 50 caliber machine gun and caterpillar tracks is that what you call a mean machine. East Sussex native Bernard Reeves had been ...
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ARX-4 Steampunk motorcycle

This Steampunk Motorcycle Concept Could Be the Coolest Retro Trip Ever

Oh Man! This is some serious steampunk motorcycle loving. Even in the age of neon-laced Tron revivals, it’s clear that the art of steampunk is here to stay, and may even begin ...
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GMC-based road boat
Everything Goes

Fish Out of Water: The Ultimate Road Legal Streetworthy Boat Car

Atlanta native Mark Ray designed and built his dream motor after his wife Robyn bet him that he could not do it. Robyn, his wife, had been diagnosed ...
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