Insane Homemade Mini Cat Dozer!

If you are a fan of heavy machinery and DIY projects, you might be interested in this amazing mini dozer and the man who built this mini dozer from scratch.

The delightful videos below come from the YouTube channel of Lane Hanson who made his mini dozer using parts from various sources, such as an old lawn tractor, a snow blower, and a hydraulic pump. The result is a fully functional mini dozer that can plow snow, dig dirt, and move logs with ease.

Insane CAT mini dozer home made
The tiny earthmover is powered by an 8-horsepower Tecumseh engine and was built on the frame of an old Bolens lawn tractor. The mini dozer is very versatile and can handle different terrains and tasks.

Lane Hanson’s mini dozer is an impressive example of what one can achieve with some creativity, ingenuity, and hard work. His project has inspired many people who watched his videos and commented on his channel. Some of them praised his skills and craftsmanship, while others expressed their interest in building their own mini dozers. Lane Hanson said that he is happy to share his knowledge and experience with others, and that he hopes to see more home-made mini dozers in action.

Home made Mini Cat dozer plowing snow
And if you’re inspired to build your own mini dozer, I wish you good luck and happy building!

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