“Senorita” is Slammed and Slick, Big Block 1976 Ford F-100 with a Ton of Tricks You Can Drive Daily

Here it is Folks… one sweet Hot Rod Pickup you can drive daily!! This Red-hot 1976 Ford F-100 follows traditional restomod formula to great effect.

If there’s one thing we never get tired of here at F-150 Online, it’s resto-modded, Pro Touring-inspired classic Ford pickups. To us, a 1960s or 1970s Ford truck, with a fire-breathing V8, large-diameter aluminum wheels, a lowered stance, and modern amenities like air conditioning and iPod integration is a recipe for hot-rod success.

It’s a formula we’ve seen repeated dozens of times over the past few years, and for good reason: it results in a great truck any way you look at it. This truck, which was recently for sale on eBay, is a prime example.

Starting life as a 1976 F-100, this truck, dubbed “Senorita” by the builder, is immediately striking with its simple yet effective bright red paint job. The Air Ride system allows the truck to sit incredibly low at rest, accentuating the long slab sides of the truck. The large billet aluminum five-spoke wheels are a great help, too.

The smooth, slab-sided looks are helped by a few subtle touches. The chrome trim has been shaved, and even the door handles have been replaced by electronic solenoids.

The real party, however, starts under the hood. Powered by a 429 cubic inch big block, this F-100 could truly be called a “muscle truck.” While no dyno sheet is provided, we’re almost certain there is enough power from that massive engine to keep anyone occupied.

While the truck has already sold, we’ll always have this wonderfully-produced video to look back on, documenting one of the cleanest, smoothest restomods we’ve ever seen. It’s a tried-and-true build that doesn’t break any new ground, but leaves us smiling anyway.

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