The Chameleon Lamborghini – Changes Colors When Wet

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It’s not often that someone looks at a Lamborghini and thinks, “I bet I could make this way cooler.”

Since 1963 Lamborghini has been known for creating some of the most powerful, luxurious and downright beautiful cars available on the market. They’re certainly not a line of vehicles that need much modification to attract attention, but when the mod is as awesome as this one, it’s hard to argue that it takes an already insanely cool car and makes it even more envy-inspiring.

Lamborghini Gallardo changes colors when wet
The clip features a car that has been coated in a special paint that when made wet reveals an incredible painting of Captain America underneath. German artist Rene Turrek created the one-of-a-kind paint job using a special kind of paint that’s sensitive to changes in temperature.

Though the science behind temperature-activated paint is fairly complex, the way it works on the surface is actually fairly simple— the artist paints the initial paint job featuring Captain America on the car first, and then adds a second coat with the monochromatic paint, which is opaque (and in this case, purple) while at it’s base temperature.

Lamborghini Gallardo with Thermochromatic paint
When warmed by the sun or as in this case warm water is applied to the car, the change in temperature initiates a reaction in the paint that causes it to become transparent, revealing the design underneath.

The car featured in the clip is a Lamborghini Gallardo. It’s legendary nature and super-powered engine is perfectly complemented by the leader of the Avengers himself, the unstoppable and unflappable hero Captain America.

Lamborghini Gallardo Captain America
The color-changing Lamborghini is arguably Rene Turrek’s most notorious and downright sick artistic endeavor to date. Combining the raw power and built-in beauty of the Lamborghini Gallardo with color-changing technology, and mixing in a little bit of superhero action to boot, is a fantastic mix of the automative, artistic and cinematic worlds that’s tough to match.

Rene Turrek Lamborghini Gallardo
Let us know what you think of this one-of-a-kind paint job in the comments below. Would you make this mod to your car if you had the chance (and the dough)? Or do you prefer more traditional and classic looks for your six-figure-pushing, top-of-the-line Italian sports cars? Catch the video below, and make your opinion known.

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