True Gem – Custom Bimota DB3.5 By Analog Motorcycles

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You wouldn’t be the first to think that the 1996 Bimota DB3 Mantra was an unlikely candidate for a custom job, but Tony Prust of Illinois based custom garage Analog Motorcycles doesn’t agree with you.

With so many custom shops churning out Kawasaki WRs, Harley Sportsters, Triumphs and BMWs, it’s quite refreshing to stumble across something new. The name ‘Bimota’ rarely comes up when it comes to customization but hopefully, we’ll be reading about more Bimota projects in the future.

Bimota DB3.5 By Analog Motorcycles custom motorcycle
Analog Motorcycles specialize in everything from basic small parts installation to full on custom builds and they’ve been making waves since they first opened in 2009. This offering, dubbed the DB3.5, is a major departure from their usual style but one to be applauded.

Bimota DB3.5 by Analog Motorcycles headlight
If you’ve ever seen the 1996 Bimota DB3 in its original form, you’ll quickly agree that it is a seriously ugly motorcycle but underneath all that weirdness was a seriously powerful Ducati M900 engine.

For this build, Analog Motorcycles sent the engine to Ducati Milwaukee for a full rebuild, switching a few of the older components for their modern counterparts, including a newer oil cooler. Analog also added Keihin FCR carbs and a very minimalist exhaust – to the point of near invisible.

Ducati engine in Bimota DB3.5 by Analog Motorcycles
The DB3.5 is also fitted with custom made ISR brakes, with 320mm rotors and adjustable master cylinders. It’s also fitted with Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires set upon 17” Alpinas wheels. A lot of in house engineering also went on to provide a comfortable and effortless ride, including custom belt guards.

Engine and mechanics aside, turning this ugly duckling into a golden goose was no mean feat and probably the biggest obstacle to overcome. Analog hand built the new bodywork from the ground up, including a new rear sub frame and tail piece.

Custom motorcycle Bimota DB3.5 by Analog Motorcycles
The tank has also been redesigned, updated and fabricated in aluminum to keep the weight down. A custom spray job in a cool, graphite gray by Crown Autobody ties the project together and gives it a touch of understated class.

Bimota DB3.5 by Analog Motorcycles engine right side
If only Bimota had offered something like this in the mid to late 90s, they might not have had to deal the serious financial difficulties that welcomed them into the 21st century! If only! Luckily, this spectacular build by Analog Motorcycles might inspire other garages to tackle a Bimota project and bring the once obscure marque back into the foreground!

Bimota DB3.5 by Analog Motorcycles hub-center steering and gauges

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