Cool Ice Sled Machine Out of Boat and Saw Blade

Why wait for summer to take the boat back out?
If you need to get out on the ice, you can do it in many ways.
You can use snowmobiles, trucks or sleds. However, if you have an old saw blade, some metal piping, and a jon boat you don’t really use anymore, you can make yourself something new.

There’s a man who managed to make an ice sled machine by using these things.
It has an old gas engine with a centrigal clutch that engages the large saw blade, which at the same time pierces the ice making the ice sled machine to move forward.

Ice Sled Boat

You can call it genius or crazy. I’ll say it is genius because it runs through the ice easily and it’s much better than dragging a sled full of equipment across the lake. Also, maybe you could start your ice fishing hole with it.

And of course, if you fall through the ice, you’re already in a boat. Or if you’re in a James Bond movie, the bad guy will sink in the ice.

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