This 800 Hp Blown “Hulk” Camino Rat Rod Is Mental

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This 800 HP 1959 El Camino “Hulk Camino” is one of the most menacing vehicles we have ever seen.

Shortened, and chopped the overall design of the car carries with it a lot of Roth influence, looking like one of the famous artists caricatures brought to life.

Chris Walker calls his project “Hulk Camino” which was built by his company ITW Hot Rods in Stacy, Minnesota. As the name states, this ’59 El Camino features a green patina exterior that is reminiscent of a Rob Zombie video. It is dark, powerful, and screams like a wounded animal.

Chris started with the back half of a busted 1959 Chevrolet El Camino body. The roof was moved further back and a custom chassis and firewall were fabricated to hold it all together. Entry into the car is assisted by gullwing-style roof flaps and the gear shifter is mounted in the middle of the roof?!. Wicked!!!

The forward rake, and double staggered wheels give the El Camino a sense of attitude, and spartan front end treatment make a “I don’t really care what you think” kind of statement.

Powered by a 400 ci Dart Block Chevy V8 engine topped with massive 671 BDS blower and two Holley 750 cfm carburetors on top, the “Hulk Camino” rat rod kicks in 800 horses controlled by a manual transmission with Dana 60 rear end and screams like there is no tomorrow while burning the huge rear tires. The combo chew up asphalt, spit out gravel and sent the hot rod down the quarter-mile in 12.49 seconds at 125.33 mph. Staunch!

Take a look!

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