HILARIOUS !!! Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and Conan O’Brien Give a Student Driver the Lesson of a Lifetime

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A CONAN staffer is learning the rules of the road, with a little help from Conan O’Brien, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. Look out, fellow drivers!

Diana Chang, one of the Conan O’Brien’s employees decided it was time to acquire a driver’s license, so who’s better than the boss to give her a lesson behind the wheel, with some help from a couple of friends.

He took her to test her driving skills before she took her exam and made sure she was well equipped to handle any scenario by teaching her basic rules that might come her way and how to handle aggressive drivers.

Student Driver and Conan

However, the worst is yet to come. After a while, Conan decided that he needs some extra help. He invited 2 more passengers into the car so she can experience potential distractions and to offer more advice to Chang.
Who are that passengers? Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, the stars of upcoming movie Ride Along 2 are about to join them in this driving lesson!

The very first advice was: “Rule No. 1: Don’t f**k this up!” – Hart said.

Student Driver and Hart
The trio did not give her regular old lesson, but a crash course in how people – especially those who get major road rage really drive.The result was a hilarious bit that ended up including a jaunt to a marijuana dispensary and a Popeye’s fried chicken restaurant.

Let’s go for the most crazy driving lesson ever!

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