Chrysler 300 Stretch Limo V.S. Train

What you are going to see in this video is a very upsetting accident, where a freight train that is moving very fast hits into a limo that is stuck on the railway track at level crossing.

Stretch limo hit by train
The accident takes place in Elkhart County, Indiana. The limo driver didn’t succeed in crossing the railway track and got stuck. Some bystanders tried to signal to the locomotive before impact, but it was too late.

Chrysler limousine stuck on the tracks
The limo was dragged several hundred feet down the track before grinding to a halt. Luckily all the people got out of the limo on time, before the accident happened, and no one was injured.

What’s really funny is the way the man was signaling to the train driver to stop, like he could stop 10.000 tons train in a distance so short. Hope dies last, they say, but it dies.

Train hits Chrysler limo stranded on tracks
Considering the intensity of the crash, the limo wasn’t so much damaged and it held out pretty well. We’d like to congratulate this limousine’s builder.

Watch the video below.

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