Colin Furze Builds a Bicycle Frame Out of Metal Springs

What happens when bike tubes are replaced with suspension springs? British backyard creator Colin Furze investigates.

Colin Furze builds a bicycle frame out of springs
Colin Furze is known for wacky inventions on his YouTube channel, and his latest video is no exception. His video, “The Bicycle of Springs,” adds a whole new meaning to “full squish.”

He took the body of an outdated bicycle, tore it aside, and rebuilt it with heavy accountability springs.

Colin Furze spring bicycle
Several weeks and 400-500 pounds later, he does get something built. It took Furze three different sets of springs to finally get something that could actually hold the weight of a human. The third set is finally rigid enough to do so, and Furze welds the three tubes together, gets the seat back on, gives it a paint job and takes it for a spin.

And from the looks of it, it definitely gives off flex that probably no other bike on Earth does. “It rides just like a normal bike. It just does weird things,” Colin said.

the bicycle frame made of springs
It’s a stupid, nonsensical, and impractical build, and that’s why we love it.

YouTuber Colin Furze comes up with all sorts of far-out concepts for Frankenstein-ing things together. Part humor, part science, Furze has been “making weird stuff since 2006 and a bit before.” Some of his inventions are hilarious to watch 🙂
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