DIY Jet Powered Go-Kart Is The Most MENTAL Kart EVER

English DIY inventor and YouTube star Colin Furze is a plumber from Lincolnshire. He’s also a man well known to the web for his tenacious shed-based tinker age, childish enthusiasm and inherent disregard for safety.

He has built some incredibly machines within the comfort of his own garage, using nothing more than his own two hands and ingenuity. He is the brains behind the world’s fastest toilet, the world’s fastest mobility scooter, the longest-ever motorbike and a giant fart machine in Dover.

This time, we check out yet another one of those machines that pushes the limits of what exactly is possible when you’re willing to go to the edge. For his latest stunt, Mr. Furze strapped a whopping  jet engine to a go-kart. And when Colin’s kart fires up, boy does it fire up.

Furze created his jet-kart by stretching a go-kart’s chassis by 4.9ft in order to fit the massive jet engine. He attached a jet engine to the back and extended the frame so the rider is supposedly a ‘safe’ distance away from the heat generated by it.

The two gas tanks and recycled fire extinguisher full of diesel (yep, really) work in combination with a leaf blower to power the kart onto a hairy 61mph – slow by the standards of jet-powered things, but mighty fast by kart standards, especially considering there’s no safety measures in place whatsoever. And also because there’s a 12ft long glowstick belching great balls of fire inches away from his head.

Check out the video below of this jet powered rig in action.

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