Plumber Made World’s Fastest Toilet! Holy Crapper!

Backyard inventor Colin Furze has a taste for odd builds. He spent his time in garage making his strange whims a practical reality, constantly striving to create something bigger, faster and more bizarre than what came before it. Each one is seemingly more out there than the last and this build really steps up the bar to an all-new unbeatable high.

Finding yourself stuck in traffic and needing a toilet break can be an unpleasant experience.
The madcap plumber fitted a 140cc motorbike engine to the mobile potty in a bid to make it the fastest toilet in the world. He spent few months of his life building a toilet that’s capable of topping 60mph.
He has fitted four electronic gears to the handlebars and built a manual override, disguised as a toilet brush in case they fail.

Mr. Furze has also added a towel rail to the back of the toilet, covered the base with black and white lino tiles and turned the exhaust into a toilet roll holder to make it look authentic.

Colin Furze Fastest Toilet
“I’m a plumber and I’m used to putting toilets together so I thought I’d try the challenge of making the fastest,” said Mr. Furze.

”It is quite scary to drive as the water in the toilet makes it very top heavy and I get wet when I go over any bumps. The toilet seat is also quite slippery so it’s hard to stay on and stop myself from sliding off when I go fast. It’s also pretty tricky to steer,” he said.

He has managed to get the toilet to travel at an amazing 55mph but believes it will be able to go even faster along a smooth track and may even reach 60mph.

Watch this great video below to check out the candidate cruising around and looking as mean as a toilet can look!

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