Functional Lego Land-Rover Defender 110 Model Is Big Boys Toy

Created by Spanish designer Fernando, the Land-Rover Defender 110 crafted all in Lego is a “supercar” in its own right with many advanced solutions and features that place it above an average normal 4×4 or a truck trial.

LEGO Land-Rover Defender by Sheepo
Typically high and square, the Lego creation features a 110 inch wheelbase though the creator also has a 130 inch and a 90 inch wheelbase version of the vehicle as well. The inspiration for the model came from the designer’s childhood when Land-Rover Defenders were used by agriculturists in his town to travel the countryside.

Used all around the world for its sturdiness and dependability in cross country escapades, the extraordinary Lego Land-Rover Defender model is made in 1:8.5 scale and stands at 29 inches high sans the roof, 65 inches long and 28 inches wide.

LEGO Land-Rover Defender
What makes the Lego model truly extraordinary though is the fact that it is a fully working model controlled by a remote controller. Using the controller, users can change the vehicle’s speed, disconnect the clutch or operate its sequential gearbox with 5+R speeds. Also it has 2-speeds transfer case: High range – 1:1 and Low range – 3:1.

Offered in both all-wheel drive and rear wheel drive configurations, the Working Lego Land-Rover Defender 110 Model has a long-travel suspension with live axles in the front and rear. The model is operated via 7 PF motors and 3 IR receivers that allow it to travel at maximum speeds of 2.5mph.

Full remote controlled LEGO Land-Rover Defender
The Working Lego Land-Rover Defender 110 Model stays true to the original model with disc brakes in all wheels, a fake 4-cylinder engine stacked under the hood, a RWD-AWD selector, a Transfer case, a Sequential gearbox, steering wheel and a gearbox speed indicator along with full interiors mimicking the original vehicle’s cabin. The Working Lego Land-Rover Defender 110 Model can be easily assembled and dissembled.

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