Most Bizarre and Weirdest Vehicles Ever Made

Concerning motor vehicles, history can be filled with curious also-rans. Every breakthrough in modern transportation, from the first airplane to the first hybrid car, was forged by a combination of genius, determination, and imagination.
If the inventors of the contraptions had their methods, our streets could possibly be stuffed with single-wheeled cars, gas-fueled chariot, and armor-plated snowmobiles.

From cars that fly to automobiles that can cruise across the water, the imagination and quirks of the designers who came up with these unique modes of transportation are very apparent.
This often results in totally bizarre vehicles that would leave the average person more surprised than ever.

Weirdest Vehicles Maybach Exelero
Although many of them never see the light of day after their premiere, some of the ideas end up getting used on cars that do get mass manufactured. So they become helpful for the entire industry.
However, if you really want to stand out of the crowd, and show not only your financial status, but also your personality – what you need is something that cannot be found in any store. Something crazy, strange and absolutely unique.

Weirdest Vehicles BMW 4219
The following are all examples of that second type of self-indulgent craftsman, the kind of people who look at a perfectly vehicle and say, “What if I stuck six engines and a pair of wings on that son of a bitch?”
Not all the vehicles below are available for purchase (though some, unbelievably, are), but they highlight how experts are innovating with unique designs and new materials.

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