Watching This Drone Fly Through Venice Muscle Beach Is Really Breathtaking

Who doesn’t want to see Venice Beach?

Venice Beach – we’ve all seen it in the movies/TV shows – the golden sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and gorgeous people strutting around in swimwear make you yearn to be there. Music, food, dancing, art, people, weight lifters, singers, bikes, roller skating, beach, ocean and every kind of person you can think of.

Muscle Beach refers to the exclusive Santa Monica location of the birthplace of the physical fitness boom in the US during the 20th century, started in 1934 with predominantly gymnastics activities on the south side of the Santa Monica Pier. By the 1950s, Muscle Beach established worldwide fame and helped to popularize and bring legitimacy to physical culture with acrobatics and bodybuilding. Muscle Beach Venice is the contemporary title of the outdoor weightlifting platform constructed in Venice, California, a distinct neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, 18 years after Muscle Beach was established.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Draper, Larry Scott, Danny Trejo, and Crips co-founder Stanley Tookie Williams used to be regulars, among many famous bodybuilders and actors who have trained there.

The beauty of Venice Beach lies in its culture and in the people that go there and the uniqueness of what’s happening on the ground and all around the area.

It’s a special place, a true treasure of California’s beach culture, and it’s like no where else in the world. This drone flyby of Venice Beach shows you none of that and yet, it’s still absolutely spectacular.

The drone flies through an empty Venice Beach but does so in such sweeping fashion that you feel like a bird soaring through the air. The drone goes through trees and under benches that it becomes one seamless take from the street to the ocean.
The video, called Muscle Beach, was shot by Robert McIntosh. He prove with this flyby tour of Muscle Beach is a master drone operator.

Even if you’ve visited LA’s famous “Muscle Beach,” we guarantee you’ve never seen it like this.

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