Volvo Terror Tractor Is One Crazy Farm Equipment That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Field taking too long to plow? Getting from crop A to crop B too time-consuming? Waste time no more! Enter the TERROR TRACTOR!

A turbocharged Volvo powered beast, pushing out enough horsepower to turn those giant tires to dust, and not only get from crop A to crop B, but also dig some nice ditches along the way.

The guy who built the Volvo Terror is Rickard Nilsson, who is actually a farmer from Sweden.

Here’s what this crazy farmer stuck under the hood.

This tractor sports a B21ET engine from Volvo 240 turbo, and an oversized turbo from Volvo 940, intercooler from a Volvo 740 turbo, SAAB Turbo Prospark ignition and fuel system with the boost wound up over 20 psi. If there is one thing I know, those tires are NOT easy things to smoke up, and this beast does it without ANY drama at all!

Next time you decided to visit the neighboring farmer’s daughter, you have a real chance of getting away and burning off into the sunset when their father comes home.

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