Video Compilation of Expensive Boats and Yachts Fails!

Money can buy you a lot of things, most probably every material thing imaginable, but there are many, many other things which money can’t buy and one of those things is skill and wits.

boat on rocks
There is one thing that perplexes us and that is if you have so much money (we are talking about millions of dollars here, even tens of millions), then why don’t you hire a captain, nautical officer or just a man with enough experience to steer the boat or yacht? Instead, the owners of these fantastic yet very expensive vessels decide to take matters in their own hands and results are catastrophic, to say the least.

Most of the time they manage to hit the most trivial things possible, but there are also cases where the boat get severely damaged and could possibly result in sinking.

Boat Crash
We will not go out of our way to make fun of these people that poorly steer their yachts, but some of these situations just baffle us beyond belief. There are serious times when you can’t help but ask yourself “what were they thinking?”

sink boat no worries
Be that as it may, it is indeed quite funny and enjoyable to watch this compilation of clips, just to get relaxed and look on the bright side of everything.

We bring you one more video with boat fail compilation. Sit back and enjoy!

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