Unbelievable Explosive Water Drifting with Snowmobile

For all of you adrenaline addicts here is something that will definitely blow your brains out!
If you think you have seen crazy and wild things, believe you haven’t. Not comparing to what you are about to see. How about riding a snowmobile across a lake surface?

These nine, and obviously not cold blooded at all Scandinavians of the Stunt Freaks Team, decided to release a new feature film called Our Life Style. This 40-minute action blast performance presents the best and the latest tricks, and behind them a leisurely crazy factors.

snowmobile drifting on water

To celebrate the release of the film they prepared an insane teaser called by them “Watercross”. Who needs snow anyway? Not them and theirs SKI-DOO RS 600 160 HP snowmobile.

stunt freaks team snowmobile drifting on water

Watch this wild show on the video below:

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