Ultimate Glamping: The Caravan That Floats Like a Boat

Can’t decide between sailing or camping? You’ve always wanted a camper that can travel by land or by sea, right? If so, you’re in luck.

Folks in Germany created the Sealander, a towable trailer that’s both a camper and a boat. Sealander is a clever two-in-one vehicle that combines features of an electric power boat and a camping trailer. The transition from land to sea is surprisingly simple: just secure the low-emission, outboard motor to the stern and launch the two-in-one vehicle into the water.

Through it’s lightweight the Sealander can also be hauled eco-friendly by small vehicles. It’s compact dimensions enable easy maneuvering as well as high agility. A special drivers license is not necessary.

The sunroof can be adjusted infinitely to your personal wishes. Sunbathing during the day, star gazing at night or listening to the birds singing in the morning. Let as much nature in as you please, whenever and wherever you are. The configuration of the interior can be chosen individually to suit your needs and wishes and accompany your boundless adventures enabling a comfortable journey.

With the Sealander your camping adventure doesn’t end at the shore, this is where it begins. Not surprisingly, Sealander isn’t built for a trans-Atlantic crossings – as a boat it’s designed with very little draft allowing it to be navigated on shallow waters and launched from just a small patch of clear shoreline. Just let it slip into the water and explore new paths, new islands, go swimming and fishing – then at the end of the day let the waves gently rock you to sleep.

The transition from sea to land takes just a few minutes: you can hitch it to a car just like a normal caravan before hitting the road.

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