Spectacular US Navy F-18 Super Hornet Cockpit View – Hi-Speed Low Level FlyBy

Every little boy, and now some girls, dream of growing up and being behind the controls of a fighter plane.

Today those little dreamers and most of you reading this, have the opportunity to experience actual flight from the pilot’s point of view.  The incredible video below features cockpit footage from two F-18A Super Hornets as they perform high speed maneuvers near the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise.
The pilots and their RIOs treat us to take offs, landings, barrel rolls, and insanely high speed flybys of the carrier. With a wingspan of 40 feet and a top takeoff weight of 52 thousand pounds, the Hornet can reach a top speed of 1200 mph and reach a ceiling of 50 thousand feet.

Thankfully some of the pilots of the United States armed forces have been using GoPros to capture their varied sorties of day to day life.

The Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet and related twin-seat F/A-18F are twin-engine carrier-capable multirole fighter aircraft variants based on the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet. The F/A-18E single-seat and F/A-18F tandem-seat variants are larger and more advanced derivatives of the F/A-18C and D Hornet.

If you love fighter jets or aircraft of any sort take the 5 minutes to watch this video and get transported back to those childhood daydreams.

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