Pulling Tractor ”Crazy Canuck” Blows Up Hard and Rips Engine Out

Pro stock pulling tractor blows motor out in Centrevill, New Brunswick! Nothing left off the motor…

Everyone was waiting for the start of the pull-up event in Centreville NB, Canada, when a so-called “Crazy Canuck” tractor starts moving from the start line. As you can see in the two video clips posted below, Patrice Beaudry was doing fine all the time, until the moment when he starts pushing the gas pedal.

Things went horribly wrong few moments after that for the experienced Canadian puller on this hook. He only made it about 60 feet when the motor exploded and split the block in half, breaking the retaining strap and landing beside the tractor on the track. Pieces were shot everywhere and lots were shot over the grandstands and into the parking lot! That causing panic reaction of the spectators, but amazingly no one got hit.

Patrice Beaudrys Crazy Canuck Explodes
Pistons littered the track and minutes after were still glowing red. It was a once in a life time event and that’s why I wanted to share this with you. What happens in the end of the second video clip is the driver warns spectators to stay away from the pistons lying all over the place.
Patrice Beaudry’s Crazy Canuck CaseIH-bodied puller is powered by 650cid Cummins engine, delivering 5000 hp. At the moment of the accident, Crazy Canuck was runing on 505ci delivering 4000 hp.
Check the videos of the Patrice Beaudry’s Crazy Canuck exploding and laying the block on the track up in Canada.

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