One Badass Trencher – The Bracke T26.a Earth Mover

If destruction and mayhem are your thing, then you might want to take a close look at this piece of construction equipment that excels in both of these categories.

The Bracke T26.a is designed specifically with annihilating the ground in mind as it moves through whatever plot of land you have ready for it and completely rips that land to shreds. It is one of the most powerful disc trenchers, able to handle the most troublesome terrain littered with stones and slash.

According to Bracke, this versatile attachment can be fitted to any forwarder or skidder and weighs in at 7,606 pounds (3,450 kilograms). The discs have teeth that are replaceable, and there are even additional options like a seeder and a printer for site data.

We wouldn’t want to get in the way of this thing as it looks like an angry beast on a mission when it gets put to use, digging trenches and readying land for use. Check out the video below of this gnarly piece of equipment in action. If we were handed this thing, we guarantee that we would be able to have a bundle of fun.

If you like to watch the ground get torn to shreds as if it were a stick of soft butter, then the video below is perfect for you!

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