In the Dog House

If you are a hot dog lover passing through central Connecticut, you need to know about Top Dog.

1963 Airstream trailer converted into hot dog shop in central Connecticut
There are no phone number and no address, but spotting this jolly 1963 Airstream trailer that has been converted into a humongous hot dog is a breeze.

Because this particular 1963-model travel trailer proved to be too short for long family vacations, resale values remain relatively low, as vintage Airstreams go.

Vintage yellow Checker cab towing Top Dog trailer
Alan Spaulding, who operates a Pepperidge Farms franchise in New England, picked this one up for $2300 back in 1980. Friends and neighbors helped him convert it into a mobile business for his wife, Andrea.

Andrea Spaulding in front of Top Dog trailer hot dog stand on Route 66
Alan designed, built, and installed the metal ends in the basement of his East Hampton, Conn., home. A total investment of $8000 was soon recouped by Andrea, whose tasty meals and unique setup (complete with tables, chairs, and signs that trace the history of the hot dog) are locally legendary.

Andrea’s been running Top Dog at a steady profit for nearly four decades, towing her trailer home at the end of each day.

Hot Dogs at Top Dog Connecticut
Below is a video of the Top Dog from 2010. Nothing has changed.
Except the price of course.

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