This Is What Happens When You Shift Into Reverse At 70 Mph!

Find out what happens if you put your car (transmission) in reverse WHILE driving…

this is what happens when you shift into reverse at 70 mph
Have you ever thought the bad things may happen to your car when you make fatal mistakes to it? You may ask what do you call a fatal mistake and for this I will mention some of them. For example, pulling up the automatic parking button while driving, or throwing out the window the smart key your car has while driving etc. For all these problems, the guy from “AutoVlog” YouTube channel has all the answers and the solutions so make sure you subscribe him and check out there some cool videos.

Now he wants to test out his car with a really dangerous stunt. He wants to see what will happen to it if he accidentally shifts into reverse while driving at 70 mph. Have you ever thought of this one?

gearshift lever in reverse gear
Let’s be honest – you will never try putting our own cars into Reverse while driving. Because you know that if you DID try it, it would cause the transmission to explode or something like that. So, instead, you end up constantly wondering…

The clip showed what happened when a driver shifted the transmission of a 2015 Ford Fusion into reverse at 70 miles per hour, and the answer turned out to be underwhelming.

What do you think can happen? Check it out the video we brought for you and find there all the answers you want for any question you have when it comes to this situation. Share it with your friends and enjoy!

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