Barracuda Stealth Boat: Speed, Versatility and More Speed

This James Bond-style stealth boat is extremely fast and very menacing in action.

Safehaven Marine makes boats that can go where few others can. From Pilot Tenders to Rescue Boats that can overturn in high surf and keep on going, their products are truly hardcore. Now, the famed boat builder is setting its eyes on the law enforcement and military market with their stealthy Barracuda interceptor boat.

Intended for law enforcement and military markets, the Barracuda is a fast and furious patrol boat that can be equipped and fitted with a variety of sensors and weapon systems designed to hunt down and intercept sea pirates, drug smugglers and the wolf of Wall Street.

A range of high-tech navigation and surveillance equipment is fitted to the vessel, and ballistic protection can be incorporated to protect the crew.

The Barracuda stealth boat is also designed to withstand severe punishment. Thanks to its carbon fiber construction, this mean momma is built to be as light and durable as possible. The watertight cabin and three internal sections allows the vessel to be completely rolled over and remain dry inside. If it does capsize in heavy seas, the hull is self-righting.

No stealth boat is complete without a variety of available sensors and weapon systems. In fact, the range of customizable weapons, radar sensing equipment and missile systems the Barracuda can handle is truly impressive. Barracuda can be equipped with a variety of sensors and weapon systems, including a remotely operated, stabilized heavy machine gun and decoy/smoke grenade launcher turret mounted in a pop-up configuration on the boat’s bow. Presumably, this could be replaced by a grenade launcher or even possibly a light missile.

This stealth boat requires a crew of 4 to 6 with the option of carrying up to 12 people when needed. On a single tank of gas, the Barracuda can travel 230 miles, ripping through waves at over 40 knots thanks to its deep-V hull. Propelling this beast are two 600hp diesel-electric engines, and according to Fox Trot Alpha, “the Barracuda is stated to be able to operate in up to sea state 8 (that’s up to 46-foot swells!) and can maintain operational speeds at sea state 5 (up to 13 foot swells).”

Enough talk… check out the video below.

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