All Terrain Crazy Packaged SWINCAR Can Deliver UNLIMITED FUN

Don’t let the fragile look of this “spider car” fool you. Swincar is the ultimate off roader and it was made to conquer the toughest and craziest terrains and to look even crazier doing it.

Just imagine a mechanical spider on wheels. That’s right, Swincar looks almost like a wheeled spider with an ability that could blow our minds into pieces. This vehicle mimics a spider’s movement, it has the ability to cross extreme terrain, which means that you can do things that you cannot do with other vehicles with regular kinematics.

Swincar is a creation of the French company Mecanroc. Pascal Rambaud, Thierry James and Jerome Arsac have developed and operated this bizarre vehicle for 8 years. It seems that in Swincar there are some really good ideas and the vehicle is almost ready for a serial production.

This fancy vehicle with light aluminum body moves like a nimble spider, it remains vertical even on steep slopes and in deep ditches and it can tackle just about any terrain in its path with an independent suspension.
The conventional steering wheel rotates the front and rear wheels on the opposite side. Each of its four wheels is powered by its own 1 or 1.5 kW brushless electric motor that delivers big torque and charges during braking, making the four-hour jaunts possible even over a mountainous terrain.

The design allows each of its four wheels to tilt and bounce independently from its body and that gives each wheel an almost surreal degree of movement, handling extreme gradients and huge ruts with total ease. It also allows the driver to lean into turns, as if he is driving a motorcycle, which should make the hard cornering a lot of fun.
Swincar is able to travel up and down 70% grades and across grades, a 50% slope and keep all four wheels planted on the ground.

All of this allows Swincar to go where no other car, ATV or SUV has gone before, and all of that without noise or pollution.

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