This 8-Year-Old Girl Handles The Backhoe Like A BOSS

An 8- year-old girl was caught on video operating a backhoe has caught the attention of the netizens on social media.

In a world of ‘adultescent‘, this little girl working a backhoe like a pro is pretty awesome. Aubrey Ayan is from the town of Hungduan, Ifugao Province, Philippines.

This little girl (who is very girly with her pink shirt) successfully maneuvered the heavy equipment to dig and transport the soil from the ground to a loading truck. She did it multiple times and was very sure of her moves. Fascinating isn’t it?

Before you shout, “child labor!” you should know that this girl does go to school. In fact, she is even competing for honors in her class.

Little Aubrey Ayan simply loves playing with heavy equipment for fun and has a father who encourages her interests. Her father, Kim Ayan, works in construction and Aubrey rides her bike to meet him every day after she’s done with school.

Aubrey’s mother Ligaya Rose also shares that instead of playing with dolls, Aubrey prefers playing with boys’ toys including, apparently, construction equipment. Indeed a gifted child, a rare breed brought about by good parenting.

Aubrey shared that she dreams to be a successful engineer someday. Don’t worry, little Snowflakes! With your expertise in heavy equipment, you already got a great head start.

Watch her operate the backhoe.

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