Things Go Instantly Wrong For This Guy Who Crash His BMW Z4 Straight Into A Wall

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What do you do when your friend buys a BMW Z4?

Take a video of your first ride, of course. And what do you do when your friend immediately crashes less than 24 hours after buying the car? Keep that video rolling, of course.

No matter the car, no matter the horsepower count, the combination of rear-wheel-drive and wet pavement is always ready and willing to claim another victim. Take these two Massachusetts bros in a new-to-them BMW Z4, for example. Even if you believe in the multiverse, there’s no world where their inaugural drive on a rainy day ends in anything but a stupid crash.

According to the video description, the man behind the wheel had just bought the doomed Z4—given that it’s a pre-facelift model hailing from before 2006 and already sports a cracked windshield, safe to say it wasn’t from a BMW dealership-and was taking it out for a celebratory drive when the “accident” occurred.

this guy crash his newly-bought BMW Z4
In the video below we’re going to learn about the three different stages of “oh, shit” from the new owner of a BMW Z4 and his passenger-friend recording him drive it straight into a wall.

The first stage of “oh, shit” is slightly alarmed but mostly excited, when the Z4 first starts to go sideways on the wet road.
The second stage of “oh, shit” is much more alarmed, with a tone that reveals the sudden sense of danger just before impact.
The third stage of “oh, shit” is heavy with the revelatory, crushing weight of awareness at how bad things have gone, and the imminent consequences that are soon to come.

Watch the video below.

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