Nissan GTR Ripping Up a Ski Slope

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Winter, snow, four-wheel drive car with over 620 HP!
Sounds fun.That is what it happens when you take “Godzilla” on an empty ski slope.
Up?  Not a chance? Yes, uphill, believe me. Uphill 40 degrees of incline, like semi-vertically.

Nissan GTR currently is one of the most impressive Japanese models, thanks to its excellent power to all four wheels, which provides the perfect launch from spot and excellent management in cornering.

Nissan GTR already has plenty of power, but a group named Team Ice Ricers from Sweden, decide to put it through the ultimate assessment, so they gave it a little extra to make sure it could scale the slopes.

Nissan GTR Ski Slope

The Nissan GTR is a versatile 4 wheel drive sports car but combined with good winter tires those Swedes converted this car into superfast and comfortable snowmobile.

Check out the video below and prepare yourself for one of the most intense, spectacle thrilling and unique rides in the snow that you’ve ever seen!

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