Nash No.9 Extreme Hardcore Chopper

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Nash brothers and their crew in Nash Motorcycle’s are creators of this extreme hardcore chopper which they classify as “Street Chopper No. 9”.

Nash No 9 Extreme Chopper front
No dash. No gauges. No turn signals. No mirrors. No oil tank. No battery box. No control cables cluttering the apes. Not even a sprung saddle. It’s powered by a completely overhauled 1975 Harley Sportster XL Ironhead 1000cc V twin engine. Hardcore to the bone!

The brothers Trent, Taber and Teddy Nash, owners and operators of the Nash Motorcycle Company, build about twelve to fifteen custom masterpieces a year.

Nash brothers
While the brothers have no intention of becoming a production manufacturer, they do have the license to assign their own unique Nash Motorcycle Company VIN numbers which makes registration of their ground up custom built bikes a lot easier.

Their unique custom bobbers and choppers that typically have a clean, stripped down old college look whereas wanting radical at the same time! Their No.9 Chopper is an example of a number of their best work and it very captures Nash Motorcycle’s distinctive vogue.

Number nine Nash chopper
The Nash Range Nine chopper is built around a Nash #9 frame which may be a hand designed custom frame that includes a 35 degree. The front fork of the bike is a stock length Harley-Davidson slender glide. To steer the chopper uses a set of Nash 18 inch Midget Gimp handle bars, these bars not only steer the bike but they assist raise it’s design and lines still!

One among the foremost distinctive parts of this chopper is the rear fender. The fender it is a strutless custom Nash fender which means it’s no struts that hold it to the frame.

Number nine Nash chopper rear
The gas tank could be a one among a sort Nash gas tank that has one among their signature creepster fill caps. One among the foremost distinctive options regarding this gas tank is that the fuel line flows from the tank and into the frame before flowing into the carburetor instead of the tank following directly into the carb. I believe this was done to make the bike’s look look cleaner instead of having a fuel line showing.

Nash number nine chopper gas tank
Housed within of the frame of the bike is that the 1975 Harley-Davidson Ironhead engine that powers the bike. The Ironhead has been totally rebuilt with performance Wisco pistons, aluminum push-rods and an Andrew cam with solid lifters.  A custom S&S Super E Carburetor delivers the fuel to the motor whereas exhaust escape out through a custom Nash pipes which flow out from both sides of the bike.

Nash number nine chopper engine and transmission
The transmission is the original 1975 Ironhead transmission that’s currently equipped with a performance Barnett clutch together with a chain primary drive. The bike has left clutch controls and a left jockey shift which is done in the classic bobber style. The Bike encompasses a custom kick start system to fireside up the bike, it uses the shift kick, kicker arm engineered by Nash.

The chopper contains a bright inexperienced paint job which is helps give the bike a classic bobber look. This paint job was done by Justin Simmons of Addison Collision Repair while the old-fashioned vogue pinstriping and therefore the graphics were done by Paul Cameau. The black powder coating was done by Masic Industries.

Nash No 9 Extreme Chopper rear
The chopper has very clean and crazy lines at the same time; it has a great green and black paint job along with the graphics that have that 60′s look to them. Number 9 is one among the simplest, yet one of the best looking and most creative choppers.

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Nash No 9 Extreme Chopper

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