The Lowest 1947 Willys Jeep Ever, Does the Limbo!

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How low can you go? This 1947 Willys Jeep Hot Rod probably sits lower than any Jeep you have ever seen.

1947 Jeep Willys hot rod rat rod
Most Jeep enthusiasts spend their time and money making their Jeep higher to support the biggest tires possible and provide the maximum amount of ground clearance. The tires on this Jeep are Hot Rod style on the outside of the body. The 401 cubic inch V-8 is also mounted behind the front wheels similar to a classic Ford Coupe Hot Rod.

The custom aluminum body on a customized frame clears the ground by about an inch at the most. This Jeep won’t be making any off-road adventures through the woods any time soon. Hell, it’ll go places a cockroach would have troubles fitting in.

1947 Jeep Willys lowrider
The builder did incorporate the Jeep tires and the Jeep grille with the awesome LED headlights to keep the Willys theme.

It appears that this guy built this Jeep like this for a few reasons. To look cool, sound good and participate in competitions like you will see in this video. He even removes the air cleaner and drops the windshield to make it even lower. It took a lot of time, money and imagination to build this ride.

Enjoy the video!

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