This 4-Year-Old Prodigy Has Insane Motorcycle Skills

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Remember the name Tima Kuleshov – one day it shall belong to a world-famous motorcycle champion.

For now though, the name belongs to a four-year-old. Tima from Kiev started riding bicycles before he was even two, and graduated to a mini motor bike at the age of two and a half. With an impressive set of skills, the four-year-old daredevil is tearing up competitions in Ukraine already.

Tima Kuleshov - 4-year-old motorcyclist
Tima’s dad Alexander said: “Tima went on a bicycle for the first time at one year 11 months, only at this age was he able to get to the pedals. At one year we gave him a Strider balance bike. He loves speed and attention, just like every child, but he does not brag to anyone, Tima does not even say that he is a motorcyclist.”

The modest motorcyclist’s proud parents Alexander and Victoria say that their little thrill seeker can test their nerves but, as his other hobbies include trampolining and skiing, they know that his need for speed is not letting up.

Tima Kuleshov worlds youngest professional motorcyclist
Alexander added: “Yes, we are worried that he is riding a motorcycle, but in this life a bad thing can happen regardless of who you are or what you are doing!”

4-year-old kid shows off amazing motorcycle skills
According to his parents, Tima’s biggest obstacle is finding other competitors the same age as he since most 4-year-olds are still only just riding tricycles around.

worlds youngest professional motorcyclist
So far, he has participated in the Children`s Moto Competitions that are being held in both Ukraine and Russia. If you think these mini bikes are slow, think again, because they reach a maximum speed of 45mph.

Watch the video below to see Tima’s ride.

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