1965 Impala Imposter by Chip Foose

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This ’65 Chevy Impala hot rod may not seem like it went through any sort of heavy modification, but that’s why it’s been named the Imposter.

1965 Impala Imposter by Chip Foose left front
Chip Foose has amazing skills and talent when it comes to coming up with unique and interesting designs, something that becomes obvious once you get a glimpse of the 1965 Impala “Imposter”.

The project won the 2015 Ridler Award at the annual Autorama in Detroit, and I’m not surprised it did. It all started when Don and Elma of Abbotsford, British Columbia, wanted to enjoy a cool car reminiscent of the Impala they drove to Disneyland on their honeymoon.

1965 Impala Imposter by Chip Foose rear end
Chip decided to buy a 2008 C6 Corvette, strip it down and make the old-school Impala body fit. He chopped the roof, flushed the exhaust tips, went for chrome delete and so on – you know the guy.

1965 Impala Imposter by Chip Foose front left
The Impala body ended up being 14 inches shorter and the Corvette frame had to be stretched 8 inches to fit.

But don’t be fooled, this thing is still a top-notch monster. Once you find out what the bonnet hides, you’ll get a real thrill: the LS3 V8 engine, with a Magnuson supercharger and an amazing engine cover.

1965 Impala Imposter by Chip Foose engine
I got nothing left to say, except that I want to drive it!

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