It’s Tiller Time: Firetruck Smoothly Slides Across Four Highway Lanes Of Rush Hour Traffic

Firefighters in Dallas combined a speedy response with stylish manoeuvre on a highway in rush hour.

We would hope fire truck drivers would be some of the best drivers out there. Having to navigate a gigantic and heavy truck through everyday roads, with traffic or not, requires good precision, timing, and a lot of vigilance.

Driving through a traffic jam in Dallas, this fire truck was seen entering the highway from the right side of the screen. A trucker caught dashcam footage of a fire truck smoothly “drifting” across four lanes of rush hour traffic on a Dallas, Texas highway while responding to an emergency.

Actually, that’s not drifting. Just rear axle steering. There is a second driver in the back that controls the rear end because it’s so large.The rear axle steering of the truck allowed the back end to remain straight forward down the road, while the front cut across to the far left lane.

Skillfully slipping through a network of congestion, the truck carefully slots into a space in the far-left lane as traffic flows around it. Love how everyone is making such an effort to get out of the way. One day you might need that truck.

Having pulled off the suave stunt with impeccable safety, the firefighters casually continue on their way as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.
Amazing team work from both drivers 🙂

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