Watch This Fuel Altered Drag Racing Engine Goes BOOM!

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If there’s anything that proves how badass drag racing still is, it’s the wild bunch of racers that run the AA/Fuel Altered class.

Fuel altered engines are volatile things by their nature – which is why it’s one of the most exciting spectacles on the track. You never know what you’re going to see.These drivers, like their counterparts in the 1960 and 70s, are still true outlaws, competing at match races across the country and putting on a killer show anywhere they go.

Sean Belt and the crew of the Metal Mafia AA/FA barnstorm all over with their car that’s rocking a big-block Chevy and as much nitro as Belt can cram in it. By Fuel Altered racing standards, Belt and his team are a bit different, since they’re running a traditional, pretty basic iron big-block that’s not billet, but rather very similar to a production block. The thing makes flames, it runs as fast as it should and best of all, the car is different and cool.

But…There’s only so much power you can put through an engine before it can’t take any more. With the masses of power and super explosive, high-octane fuels used in the world of drag racing, when things go wrong, the results are quite spectacular.

This footage – shot at the Good Vibrations Bakersfield March Meet – is a prime example, showing the moment Sean Belt’s supercharger tried to escape in explosive style, contained by some particularly burley retention straps. Flames erupt from the rear of the block, and continue until the emergency crew arrives at the scene.

CompetitionPlusTv put this video together using starting line footage and the team’s own GoPro attached the to front of the car.

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