Watch: Crazy Guinness World Record In Longest Headstand On Motorcycle!

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Stunt rider Matija Podhraški from Croatia, made 4,2 kilometers (2,6 miles) long headstand on his bike and set a Guinness World Record!

This is what happens when you do something that you were born for. This young stuntman has some real tricks to show. He comes from the city of Kutina, in Croatia and currently he is among the four best stunt riders in Europe.

longest headstand on motorcycle record
He is very talented considering his age (21). The proof for that are all those stunt competitions where he has won the first prices. He has started doing stunts when he was very young and he has owned so many motorcycles.

He first started with bikes and scooters, but then soon moved to the big motorcycles. But now his companion is an awesome Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 636 and that is a real deal!

Matija Podhraski stunt rider
Watch his amazing performance where he rides his Kawasaki Ninja upside down.

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