This Truck Gets Crushed By An ATM Awning!

Don’t forget to withdraw money from ATM machine before you go camping.

When driving along, it’s of the utmost importance to be aware of how big your equipment is, especially if you find yourself in the position of pulling along a trailer.

Unfortunately for the driver of this Dodge Ram 2500, he seems to have forgotten all about the rather large cargo that he’s hauling behind his pickup truck.

this truck gets crushed by an ATM awning
Mickey Miller pulling a new travel trailer with his truck, hit the corner of the Texas State Bank Drive-In, causing the complete awning to come to the ground.

This bank’s security camera catches it all as the truck pulls up to the ATM with the trailer attached and takes out the entire structure because it doesn’t quite fit!

Dodge truck crushed under ATM awning
Luckily, the driver of the Dodge, Mickey Miller and his 10 year old son were able to exit their vehicle uninjured, though we can’t say the same for his truck, which was totaled.

Check out the video below as one simple mistake ends up costing a bunch of money! At the end of the day, the driver wasn’t injured, but this mishap is going to cost one pretty penny.

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