TCR Mudfest Is The Mud Truck Heaven With Lot Of Lifted Trucks And Dirty Redneck Girls

Every year off road trucks, swamp buggies and ATV riders travel to the Triple Canopy Ranch, a huge Off Road Mud Park. Why? Because Triple Canopy Ranch is Central Florida’s Extreme Events Venue! They hosted a variety of “extreme” events such as “Mud Bogs,” “Warrior Dash,” and others.

What grown-up didn’t play in the mud when they were little kids? I remember making mud pies as a surprise for my Mom & Dad when I was only 5 years old, what they didn’t appreciate, was when I put them in the oven to bake.

Triple Canopy Ranch Mudfest Girls
Fast forward few decades, with almost everyone (everyone I know at least) having some kind of 4 wheel drive vehicle, and what better place to play with it, then in the mud. Yes, for all you kids at heart, you can still play with your toys in the mud. And what better place, than at the TCR “MudLife” Mudfest!!

dirty redneck girls love mud trucks - TCR Mudfest
The Triple Canopy Ranch (TCR) mud festival is a glorious tribute to the diesel gods with tributes of paid in mud and skin. What some might call debauchery, others call redneck heaven. Trucks tear through the mud while everyone parties and has fun.

One thing is for sure, Triple Canopy Ranch down in Florida has some of the craziest mudding around down there. And if it rains the day before you show up you better be ready to put up or shut your trap. Because these guys are pounding some mud and taking names. The mud is pounding back too, but it’s all good when you have a little help from your friends to pull you out of the yuck.

Watch this compilation video and see what you’ve been missing.

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