TAURUS 2X2 – The Bizarre Russian Lightweight, Foldable And Off-Roadable Motorbike That Can Reach Everywhere!

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You feel confident on your off-road bike? Nice, but here’s a little mud-plugger that looks like a whole lot of fun – Russian motorbike Taurus 2×2, something you need to have a look at.

The Taurus is a Russian made all terrain motorcycle created to help riders travel through forests, swamps, climb mountains, cross snowy planes and any other difficult terrains you can think about! The Taurus being called a 2×2 in the same way that off-road cars are called 4x4s, get it?

The 2×2 drive system and unusually large tires (they’re 12-inches wide and 25-inches in diameter ) allow even the less experienced riders to cross the most difficult of terrains. Additional perk is the fact that its weight varies from 103lbs (47 kg) to 160lbs (73 kg) so even the surfaces that are literally impassable, even for a vehicle that is this able, can be covered simply by carrying the motorcycle over. Now, that is just great.

Best of all, this motorcycle can be disassembled and stowed in your car’s boot in just five minutes – making it perfect for anyone who loves hunting, fishing, or just travelling to some otherwise hard-to-access countryside.

The motorcycle comes in two versions: the 2×2 Taurus 2 – a collapsible, lighter model (can fit in two handbags) with low pressure tires and powered by a 5.5hp engine hooked to a 3 speed transmission. The second, heavier model, the 2×2 Taurus 2M has heavy duty tires and  is powered by a 4stroke 7hp engine and features a foldable design.

Check out the bike in the video below.

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