SHOCKING Jet Ski Moments Caught on Tape

They were having so much fun, and then… THIS!!

Sure, personal watercraft (PWCs, since technically, JetSkis are a particular model, the same way that all sportbikes aren’t “Ninjas”) are fun, right up until THIS happens! It’s pretty obviously to us what happened, but can you tell what went wrong? There are so many things that went wrong here that we can barely count them, but, here goes…

Anybody who has spent any time on personal watercraft knows the fact that when you let off the throttle, you lose all ability to steer!  And, the one thing we have learned after much time on the water is to ALWAYS keep your head on a swivel and pay attention to what is happening around you and to always makes sure you are properly trained to operate the machinery that you are operating on.

So, yes, the people on the beach are in NO WAY at fault, but does fault matter when you get hurt?  Surely, they could have kept an eye out and had a chance to avoid the out of control ski?  The only other tip we can also offer is to leave a wide berth to those around you that you are operating machinery near, and also to watch out for anyone operating machinery near YOU!  Hopefully, everyone in this video was OK and learned those lessons from this horrific experience!

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