How To Salvage A Crazy Wrecked Rat Rod Like A Champ! 1965 Chevy Tow Truck “Wrecked Wrecker”

This 1965 Chevy tow truck is just a total rat rod. Yes indeed. It was completely Frankensteined after a crazy wreck.

rat rod tow truck wrecked wrecker
It was once totaled when it went nose first into a telephone pole. Instead of scraping it, the owner decided to start Frankensteining it. The Wrecked Wrecker is a Chevy Tow Truck that has been put together with a lot of…well a lot of junk from other cars.

This bad boy hot roddin’ mac daddy won the title of “Wrecked Wrecker” at the World of Wheels in Pittsburgh. And you know what? It sure as hell deserves the title and we know you’ll agree. We just love to go a hot roddin’ in a rat rod tow truck like this Wrecked Wrecker.

Chevy tow truck  rat rod
There is no doubt that this so-ugly-it-is-scary-cute rat rod tow truck can perform. After all, this Chevy tow truck is fitted with whatever it needs to tow wrecks.

Check this unique rat rod truck video…

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