Russians Build Mind Blowing GAZ-51 Retro Hot-Rod from Cadillac Escalade EXT

And now, to make your heads explode, a GAZ-51 “Hot Rod”.

Remember the good old days? Well if they were spent under a communist dictatorship, perhaps they were not all that “good.” And yet, there are some who still find ways to look back fondly. We’re not sure that two vehicles is enough to qualify as a trend, but this is the second Western-built SUV rebodied to look like a “classic” Volga we’ve seen this year.


This latest example is built on a chassis borrowed from a Cadillac Escalade EXT, redesigned to look like an old GAZ-51 pick-up truck. Authenticity is guaranteed by the big chrome rims on this retro-rod, currently under construction by Grande-Garage for an unnamed Russian plutocrat who apparently wants to remember what it was like before getting rich off no-contest government contracts. Get your papers in order and examine the images of the killer GAZ-51 Custom Hot-Rod in the gallery below.

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