How to Ride…Bitches: Guide to Girl-on-Girl Motorcycle Riding

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Two Girls, One Bike. The ultimate guide on how to ride pillion is back with a delightful female-on-female edition.

Film director Alex Vivian has followed up his spoofy short, absolutely hilarious instructional motorcycle video ” How To Ride Bitch ” for men-on-men riders with, you guessed it, girl-on-girl motorcycle riders.

The male video was making light of a funny situation that we often find ourselves in and the awkwardness that most men feel going nuts-to-butts with another guy.

how to ride bitches
When two women ride on the same motorcycle the formula is simple. Take one motorbike, a quirky 80s vibe and voiceover lady, two stunning ladies and you have a not-so-serious guide on how to ride a motorcycle with a female passenger and rider. For motorcycles lovers – bike in this video is a custom 1988 Yamaha SR400 which like those 2 girls is beautiful too.

Lana Kington and Ashleigh Wesseling
Filming took place at Sydney Motorsport Park, formerly Eastern Creek International Raceway, which is a permanent racetrack located in Eastern Creek, in the Sydney suburb.

This sensual, blush-inducing video will teach all the ladies to master the riding position.
Watch the tutorial above and let us know what you think.

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