Richard Rawlings Stars in All-New Discovery TV Show GARAGE REHAB

On Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. starting Aug. 30, Discovery Channel will be showing “Garage Rehab,” a new series that helps struggling car repair shops, making them over and giving business advice.

The show stars Richard Rawlings, who also hosts Discovery’s “Fast N’ Loud,” in which he restores rundown cars. In “Garage Rehab,” Rawlings and another cast member attempt to save struggling automotive garages across the country by refurbishing them and offering business advice to their owners to get them back on their feet.

Richard is joined by dynamic duo Russell J. Holmes, project manager, and Chris Stephens, garage designer.
While Russell is “the muscle” behind GARAGE REHAB’s renovations, Chris is the “hustle.” A construction expert with over 20 years of experience, Russell has seen and dealt with just about any problem a contractor could encounter. He’s tasked with getting Richard’s rehabs done on time and on budget – no small feat with looming deadlines and cost overruns. Russell watched his own father lose a family business and now is dedicated to helping other shops before it’s too late.

Chris is responsible for taking Richard’s vision for the shop and implementing the design from the ground up. Highly efficient and a stickler for detail, Chris demands that every aspect of the plan and the placement of every piece of equipment meet his approval. As a shop owner himself, specializing in restoring vintage European cars, Chris knows exactly what it takes for an auto garage to be successful and profitable.

Now, do you have a commercial auto or motorcycle garage or repair shop that is troubled or failing? Do you want Richard Rawlings to help bring your garage back to life? As co-host Russell J. Holmes puts it, “none of us know everything, so don’t be afraid to ask for help,” and help is what the Garage Rehab team does.

This is your chance to have Richard Rawlings of Discovery’s hit series “Fast N Loud” and his expert team come to your garage and solve your problems.

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