The ‘Redneck Army’ Comes To The National Guard’s Rescue From Houston Floods

Monster trucks, monster heart. Houston may have a tragic situation but they have a ton of heroes.

These days the south has many problems, but a lack of great down to earth folk is not one of them! Hundreds, if not thousands of videos covering the horrendous floods in southern Texas are taking over the internet.
Many of them heart wrenching, while many more are heartwarming and have given millions of Americans renewed hope for unity and peace. But there are some that are just plain inspiring in a gritty – American sort of way. The video that claims the “Redneck Army is saving the National Guard” just happens to be one them.

If you have any doubts, take a look at this. A Texas National Guard M1078 is semi-submerged – I do hope the driver shut down the engine before the water hit the intake manifold – and a monster truck comes to the rescue.

Seen in the video is an old Cadillac Escalade with massive wheels helping the tow. At one point, the Escalade pauses as water from the partially submerged vehicle drains, decreasing the overall weight of the tow, and later a Dodge pickup with a similar modification also begins to assist while a uniformed soldier guides the vehicles. The two pulled the stranded military vehicle to drier ground.

This is perhaps one of those rare occasions where highly modified vehicles are actually being called on to help the community.
Check it out below.

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