Paint Schemes That Will Make an Old car Look New Again

If you are in search for painting your Old car, you have to put little efforts as the availability of trendy colors in the market. There are some technical aspects while painting the car.

It is not suitable to paint the car by regular paint, go for only car color paint. Some people want those colors which will reflect their personality, so choose according your personality. The reasons for painting your Old car can be many. People get bored of seeing the same color from long time on the car or light color cars get dust on it hence the color becomes fade. As the growth in technology had made various models of cars with new colors on it, in order to make your Old car look similar to it painting is the best thing you can opt for.

If you have time and fascinated in painting your car, then it is very simple task to do. There are basic three steps you have to consider while painting your Old car to look new again. First, remove the old color, secondly make sure the other parts are been covered which are not to be paint and last color the Old car by your favorite. Generally people color the Old car by giving two coats but again it depends on the color you choose. If the color is light in color then your procedure for painting will be more, giving 3 coats will be perfect. But if it is bright or dark in color 2 coats are enough. More than 2 coats make the Old car looks more attractive or glossy so that it will protect the color from sun rays.

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It is necessary to use the spray applicator while painting the Old car, instead using brush. Spray applicator will make the paint smooth which brush can’t do. Spray compressor can be rented or it is easily accessible in the market. Make sure while painting the car, wear the respirator so that the fumes of the spray will not harm your skin. Once you have done with all the things you are ready to paint the Old car which will look attractive once again. When choosing the color visit automobile paint store so that you will get variety in colors. The trendiest color in the market for painting the Old car is metallic grey, commonly known as Metallic beige. Painting the color in black looks attractive but it sometimes harm the engines as black is easily absorbed by the sun rays. Plum red or Silver is the trendy colors which is inspired by the earthy tone. Many people go for silvers as it helps to hide the dust or dirt. Silver is the color which stays in the fashion all the time. Dark blue is the color which can be used as substitute for black.

Once you have done by selecting the color you want, clean and dry the equipments in well ventilate area. It’s important to paint the Old car properly and wisely. Don’t just rush in painting the coats, go slowly and carefully. Let the one coat to dry well and then apply the other coats as needed. So just go on and paint the Old cars which will look once again new and more striking.

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